Wednesday 30 June 2004

Quite unbelievable that I am so rubbish that my last post was about buying glasto tickets, and my next post is the week after I come back. Ridiculous. Don't know what you may have heard, but I had a brilliant time.

Best purchase: Square Pie T-shirt ("Love your Pie")

Best band: Franz Ferdinand ("I'm just a cross hair....")

best moment#1: "Run" by Snow Patrol

best moment#2: When it started to rain EVEN HARDER during the supergrass set, and as one the whole crowd raised their eyes to heaven and cheered for all they were worth. I watched the weather obsessively in the run up to the festival, and in the end it didn't really matter...

most unexpected bonus: the toilets were ok this year. I'm told that the "she pee" is ace.

most predictable thing #1: Scat losing his phone for the second year running

most predicatable thing #2: Oasis were boorish and lacklustre and their fans wore a lot of Burberry and behaved in the bars like they were in a town centre pub.

other great bands I saw: Snow Patrol, The Von Bondies, Morrissey, The English National Opera (who performed the Ride of the Valkeries in the sunday afternoon sunshine), Muse..... Bike Boy was good in the circus tent, and I also enjoyed Rory Motion in the cabaret tent

regret: missed Billy Bragg in the Leftfield tent. Decided to prioritise moz this year, and missed the braggster onstage with Bill Bailey. Ah well.

the mud was alright (I had wellies and waterproof trousers). Buy some!

Ah, and when I got back to work it was rubbish.

: Sabbath's theater by Philip Roth (too early to tell yet)

Morrissey - you are the quarry (getting better with each play) and Franz Ferdinand's debut - likewise.

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