Saturday 24 July 2004

Did you know that Ray Charles used to fly a plane?  Now that's a scary (but interesting) fact.

I've been listening to BBC 6 Music this morning, and I've been busy making a shortlist of things that I need to check out when I'm in town.....

Interpol - Zane dooberry-whatsit played "Slow Hands" from their forthcoming album "Antics" (out on Sept 27th fact fans)when I was driving home from work.  I like it and I think I'm going to explore their back catalogue when I'm in town.  Their debut was "Turn on the Bright Lights" so I reckon I'll start with that.

The Futureheads - this lot were on Andrew Collins' review type show this morning, and they sound pretty good, so I reckon I'll give their self-titled debut a crack.

[I'm still listening to 6 Music actually, before I go on my run, and they've just played Suede - 'trash' and reminded me what a good band they were]

Andrew Collins also played some American Music Club - they're Mark Eitzel's band, and although I've not heard much of their stuff, they sounded pretty good.  Guest panelist and co-author of Jerry Springer: the musical, Stewart Lee was on, and he heartily recommended their album "California" as being the best place to start.  Right you are then.  Coldplay have been taking notes, apparently.

I've also decided to cave in and get Tyrannosaurus Hives after they announced a UK tour including Rock City.  Yay!  Trying to persuade Rich to come up from Oxford, even though it's on a Wednesday night... not the best for a gig, eh?

ah dammit.  forgot the cricket is on.  Guess that settles what I'm listening to on my run.  Was just charging up the ipod too.... Test Match Special it is then.


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