Sunday 18 July 2004

Evening - just a quick one to say that the BCUK convention was marvellous fun on Saturday and that I picked up or was given a handful of books....

My Legendary Girlfriend - Mike Gayle

Showbusiness: the diary of a rock and roll nobody - Mark Radcliffe

Boule de Suif - Guy de Maupassant

War Minus the Shooting - Mike Marqusee

The Sportswriter - Richard Ford

The Nation's Favourite: the true adventures of radio 1 - Simon Garfield

Timequake - Kurt Vonnegut

John Arlott: a memoir - Timothy Arlott

Opening Up - Mike Atherton

Powder - Kevin Sampson


I think that's fewer than I went with, so that has to count as a result.


Also had a nice lunch with my ma and pa and my 2 brothers and their respective financees.


OOooooh.  And the golf was excellent and had a worthy winner - Todd Hamilton, I salute you.  Talk about calm under pressure.  No one can say you didn't deserve it.

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