Friday 30 July 2004

How to not do any work all morning on a friday.....

managed to get hold of some Snow Patrol tickets for their gig at the Birmingham Academy in November... they don't go on sale until tomorrow morning, but I remembered seeing something on their website about it and sure enough they had a link from there to the tickets.  Did some rounding up of the usual suspects via text (Mik doesn't have access to a PC, and the 2 John's are at the Big Chill all weekend - watching people like Lemon Jelly, Coldcut and er... Crazy Penis).  

It's a very annoying flash based site, and the link to the tickets was (apparently) via a popup.  One of my work laptops doesn't have flash on and I don't have the admin rights to download, and the other has some sort of popup blocker that I couldn't find to switch off.  After much frustration I found the link and was about to buy tickets for the saturday when I had a text from Mik... telling me he couldn't come because that was the day of his wedding.  Ooops.  Narrow escape there, so we're going on the sunday instead.  6 tickets thank you very much! (and the added benefit that the guys will probably be up in the midlands already for the wedding)

and then I just gazed out of the window (only kidding)


Off to Hay-on-Wye tomorrow with Dave C and his wife Jan (a vicar, no less).  Weather looks good.  Perhaps I'll come back with some more Wisdens.....?  (must make a note of the years I already have, must recharge the ipod, and must change the CDs in my car cd wallet...)


If we didn't already know it, Freddie Flintoff is a legend.


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