Thursday 15 July 2004

Howdy. I've been surfing the web and have discovered some new things:

Stumbleupon - a different way of scooting about the web. You fill out a few preferences, and then hit a button and sort of ramble your way around the web to pages recommended by other people.

In 30 minutes this has taken me to:

Exploding Dog - you submit a phrase and get a picture drawn. I put in "when your mentality catches up with your biology. Now the wait to see if he bites!

BBSpot - very funny blog-type site with lots of lists about being a geek, which obviously I can relate to.

SnipThis - one of those "make a URL manageable" type sites - this one has a little widget you hang on the tool bar which adds the link into your clipboard. Cool huh? (GEEK!)

Nick Denton's blog

Which led to...

Fleshbot - the geeky porn review

Which led to...

The Sex Position Finder

but you get the picture.

Man. It's after midnight on a school night and I'm still up.


and I bummed out on the Predator again in Tiger Woods Golf 2003. I finished thirty-something-th, although at least I was under par this time (by one shot!)

toodle pip!

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