Tuesday 20 July 2004

Just a quick post (I'm at work having a quick lunch break) to say that whilst at Sainsbury's last night, I picked up a couple of prezzies for myself after a crappy day at work:


The "Starsky & Hutch" DVD - g'f and I enjoyed this hugely, especially the "do it" guy with the badger wig.  Not high concept art, but funny nonetheless


"Spider-Man 2" for my Playstation 2 - obviously there is a plot in this, and some missions and stuff, but basically the major selling point of this is that you get to be Spidey.  I spent a happy couple of hours last night swinging madly through the streets of Manhattan, swallow-diving off skyscrapers, climbing up walls and beating up bank robbers.  It was BRILLIANT - especially the swinging through the streets bit... jump off a building, do a bit of freefalling, fire out some web, swing, let go and at just the right moment, fire another web out and keep swinging.  Fantastic.  Really well realised.  I think I'll start again tonight and pay a bit more attention to the plot.



Keane - "Hopes and Fears" (album).  Not the new coldplay, but the boy can certainly sing

Kings of Leon - "Youth and Young Manhood" (album).  Great hair boys.


just discovered...

... that as well as the 100m final at the olympics, the rowing finals, some beach volleyball, some footie, some badminton, some weightlifting etc. etc....  I will be in the stadium for the decathlon too.  Go Dean Macey.. Go!  Must get some GB merchandise.


annoyed by...

... the grading process at work


Oh, and by the way - hey Deb...!

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