Tuesday 10 August 2004

The end of the world?

I'm no great student of the bible, and I'm certainly not a religious man, but it has certainly been raining a lot around here lately. The last month or so seems to have been extremely wet. I play 5-a-side football every Thursday night, and for the last 3 weeks I have got absolutely drenched in torrential (and very un-English) downpours.

It's been quite muggy actually, and I don't think the English are very good in these conditions - as a nation I think we were designed to live in a climate where we need our central heating on. I think it's this humidity that is leading to all this rain. Whatever (it's been a long time since the hydrology part of my Geography A-Level).

The final straw for me today was when I arrived at work and the damn car park had flooded. Naturally, I parked up anyway, but I fully expect to get wet feet on my way out tonight. Stupid climate.


Lisa Whiteman is my new discovery - I think her weblog is superb. In terms of the quality of the writing, I don't think I've seen anything better, and to be honest it makes me feel that the quality of mine is a bit shabby. In another very un-English display, I decided that I would pass the compliment on, and emailed her... and she was nice enough to reciprocate and tell me that "your English seems very English to me (makesense?)". Does it? I think I take that as a compliment...

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