Tuesday 28 September 2004

Fame, Fame, Fatal Fame....

I filled a fairly uneventful evening last night by listening to the Matthew Bannister programme on Five Live. They had on the bloke who created a load of the Pink Floyd album covers, including the famous 'Dark Side of the Moon' prism (Storm Thorgerson). To encourage listener participation they offered a book of this guy's work as the prize for the listener who texted in the most artistic description of an album cover in 25 words or less.

I entered, not so much to win, as because I was bored and I'd thought of one:

"A young man ponders the futility of war and a generation of gladioli wavers forsake meat".

No prizes for guessing which cover I was talking about...

Not only did I get a mention, but I made the shortlist of 5 and was (in my view) unlucky to lose out to some nonsense about a galactic magic carpet ride and an album by the Byrds (must have been this one, I should think)


In other news on the programme, apparently Nottingham has been voted 8th in the Idler's list of "Crap Towns 2004". The top 10 in full:

1 Luton

2 Windsor

3 Sunderland

4 Glasgow & Edinburgh

6 Clapham

7 Bath

8 Nottingham

9 Corby

10. Middlesborough

Seems a bit harsh (apparently it's to do with the gun crime, or something). Bath and Edinburgh? Weird. Last year's "winner" was Hull, and they must have been stung into action - they're not even in the top 10.

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