Friday 24 September 2004

It took time then I found you

On top of yesterday's great news about the Kings of Leon tour, it turns out that not only are Interpol touring, they are playing Rock City the Sunday before. Excellent news.

I have decided that Interpol are pretty much the band that defines my taste in music: vaguely doomy guitar music played by skinny white guys. I think that probably accounts for at least 80% of my music collection, and I like to think I'm pretty diverse.

Hm. Actually, thinking about it, perhaps the other 20% is equally doomy, it's just not by guitar bands (I'm thinking people like Scott Walker, Dusty Springfield, Johnny Cash.... )

I'm now really racking my brains to think if I like any upbeat music at all.

I' m honestly not sure I do. Does that mean anything? Is any good music upbeat? Do happy people make good music? (look at Fran Healey - he fell in love and his happy songs about being with his girlfriend are all totally shite). It's the old argument - do you have to be in pain to produce truly great music?

I hereby challenge you to think of some examples that disprove this.


By the way, if you want to hear the R.E.M. album ("Around the Sun") in its entirety before it comes out next month, go here.

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