Tuesday 14 September 2004

Lunchtime at work...

Well, as a point of principle I like to spend a little bit of time doing something other than work during lunch. Often as I have my lunch sitting at my desk in front of my PC, this means having a quick browse of the Guardian's marvellous online sports pages and then going back to whatever I was doing. Today I've made a break. Well, I'm still at my desk, but I've caught up on a couple of blogs that I read regularly, and now I'm suitably inspired to post something dull onto mine.

ahem. here we go then.

Work has been pretty dull - banging out some requirements or other for some online pharmacy or other. At the moment I'm struggling a bit to keep my motivation up. Yesterday I came in to work to find that the only meeting I had all day had been cancelled. Given that I then spent all day plugged into my Ipod writing documentation, I could just as easily have been at home. Still, I did get to do an extended test of my new headphones and listened to some great music:

The Libertines - as shambling as ever, but their vocal bickering and heart-on-sleeve lyrics are really appealing

Help - Warchild - I haven't listened to this in an age, and somehow the appeal of the album has grown now that my Ipod can tell me who each of the tracks is by (the album doesn't have any sleeve notes)

Still a pretty dull day though.


As an aside - I'm convinced I am going mental in my old age. I suppose I must always have had something of an obsessive streak, but now it seems to be getting out of hand. For a few years I have been pretty bad at things like going and checking that I locked my car, or put my handbrake on. Recently though it seems to have got worse. I changed my glasses in May, moving from glass lenses to plastic lenses. There has barely been a week since when I haven't been totally obsessed with either the fit of them on my face (rubbing my nose, riding up my ears, not straight - whatever) or scratches on the lenses. I've had the lenses changed a few times (thanks to Vision Express and their Grand Advantage scheme) but plastic lenses will ALWAYS scratch, no matter how careful you are (and I am pretty careful - I always use a proper cleaning cloth to wipe them down). Now, I know they will inevitably scratch. I also know that I cannot see the scratches when I am wearing the glasses. I therefore know that it is totally irrational to waste brainpower worrying about these things. And yet I do.

Like I said.... I think I'm going mental.


And on that cheery note, back to work! (accompanied by the Mull Historical Society "Loss", I think)

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