Monday 27 September 2004

Tiger Woods embraces matchplay?

I popped out to buy Tiger Woods PGA Golf 2005 the other day. I was a big fan of the 2003 version of the game, and thought I was due an upgrade. Actually, after the glorious triumph of Europe in the Ryder Cup the other week, I dug the game out again to see if I could take on Tiger in some Matchplay (Sorry - as I haven't mentioned this here before, it's time for a quick brag... ready? right: 18.5 - 9.5 !! they didn't get to double figures).

Tiger famously has a pretty poor record in the team part of the Ryder Cup. His singles record is fine, but he seems all at see in the games where he has to play in cooperation with a partner. I was a little disappointed to discover that Tiger Woods 2003 only has a simple matchplay format and none of the more interesting variations.

I was delighted to discover when exploring the new version of the game, that this is one of the features of the game that they have decided to expand. Oh, the irony. At a time when the PGA tour has just suffered a record defeat in this form of the game, their flagship game franchise has added foursomes and fourballs golf (and a couple of other options) into the game. I look forward to pasting the yanks again at some point soon.

Apologies to all readers who may have found that less than interesting.


Right - I'm off for a swim and to do the weekly shop... which will be enlivened greatly by my need to purchase the new Interpol album, and possibly also the Embrace album, as it is apparently excellent.


I've been working from home all day today, and listening to 6 music - it's pretty good as it goes.

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