Wednesday 6 October 2004

And I got better things on the other side of town...

Nottingham has currently got a big programme of works happening on the transport network - called The Big Wheel. To date this has included things like building the tram network, sticking in some new roundabaouts and getting rid of all the subways in the town centre (now where will everyone go for a piss on a Friday and Saturday night?).

My reason for mentioning this today is that they now appear to have embarked on some road resurfacing on my route into work . That's fine, except that:

1) They have put up a load of signs indicating that lanes ahead are closing, but when you change lane and drive on (always fun in rush hour), the lanes then don't close at all(this happens in both directions)

2) By the Embankment there is a set of traffic lights up where they are working on a section of road and it is cut down to a single lane - except that the traffic lights are stuck on red on one side, and on green on the other. Guess which side I was stuck on?


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