Tuesday 26 October 2004

"Teenage Dreams So Hard to Beat"

John Peel has died. As a music fan, I'm pretty upset about that. Not only was he an absolutely legendary DJ, but anyone who has every heard him speak on Radio 4s "Home Truths" will know that he was also a thoroughly decent man. I loved the story he told about how his son William drove him absolutely potty with his untidiness, which he seemed to take extremely personally, as though it was done specifically to annoy him (which, to be fair, it may have been). It was the way that the sentimental old fool got more and more agitated as he told the story, and ended up nearly in tears. Great radio.

Plus anyone who has to have their whole house reinforced to carry the weight of all their records has got to be all right, haven't they?

One of my favourite albums of all time contains several Peel Sessions recordings - all of which are the definitive versions in my books.

The radio won't feel the same without him (and nor will Glastonbury)

John Peel 1939 - 2004. R.I.P. For what they're worth, this blog passes its condolences on to Sheila and the rest of the Peel family.

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