Tuesday 5 October 2004

England's dreaming....

So a key donor of the UKIP has pulled the plug and returned to the breast of the Conservative Party. Apparently he was dismayed to hear UKIP announce that they would put up a candidate in every constituency at the next election, even if they would be standing against tories of stature. It seems that it dawned on him that the only credible way of getting Britain out of Europe would be to get the Tories elected.

Good Grief.

I know the Americans don't have much choice in their election (Bush or Kerry - hmmmm. Should you really elect someone as president on the grounds that he ISN'T the other candidate? Or perhaps that's always how it has been done?), but with the General Election possibly only 6 months away, I'm feeling my own choices being constricted:

Labour - took us into an unpopular and unjustified war with Iraq on false pretences

Conservative - you can spin him as much as you like, but I remember Michael Howard for the worm he was as Home Secretary. As for the party themselves, they are a nest of vipers.

Liberal Democrat - sensible policies on the war and on Electoral reform, but I'm afraid I.m not convinced that they are heavyweight enough for government and Charles Kennedy is looking increasingly like a cadaver

Green - much though I approve of the idea, I can't vote for a party when I barely know their policies on key issues like education

UKIP - behave! Robert Kilroy-Silk is my MEP and is a dreadful man. Labour MP turned TV presenter, turned racist and campaigner against Europe.

Bring back the Natural Law Party - Yogic Flying for peace. Can't hurt, can it?

Seriously though - I feel strongly that I should use my mandate and make my voice heard, but who the hell out of this motley band should I be voting for. I know that the whole thing about democracy is that if no-one represents me, I should get off my arse and form my own party, but frankly that's just not practical.


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