Friday 15 October 2004

It's got a CD player (player, player, player...)

I happened to switch on the tv this evening and caught 30 minutes or so of the remake of Battlestar Galactica. You may have some questions at this point, so here are some quick answers.

- Yes they did.

- Yes. They really, really did.

- No, I don't know why.

Ok. We're all up to speed.

Anyway. My memories of this rather crap 80s series are mainly focused on a couple of key things:

1. Dirk Benedict was in it.

2. The weird robot dog thing

3. They travelled for a long time & never seemed to arrive

4. The scary guy who helped the cylons

5. Dirk Benedict was in it

Well. The key thing I learned about the remake was that Starbuck has changed sex. Is nothing sacred?

Apollo & Starbuck & "Apollo" and "Starbuck"

I guess no homoerotic undertones in the new one then, huh?

(And open question - was "Battlestar" (original) better than "Buck Rogers"?? Think carefully of Col. Wilma Deering before answering) Posted by Hello

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