Wednesday 17 November 2004

Racism is a weapon of mass destruction

I have read some terrible drivel this evening. Again. In my opinion some of the stuff in this blog is just racist. This time it's somehow worse than all that "raghead" stuff because it hides behind a veil of 'evidence' and is presented as a well argued case (which is of course different to BEING a well argued case).

Well done to the Urban Fox for waging a very civil, reasoned case against this person (she quotes Leviticus for heaven's sake, always the last resort of the bigot).

In response to the eminently reasonable claim that Jesus was "the most tolerant, left wing figure in history..." we get this:
Jesus, was perfect. The son of God and the redeemer of man. That is how the Christians think of Jesus. Yet, you claim that he is "left wing". In other words, you think that Jesus was a liberal. Correct? That’s what Americans call "left wing". The left wing believes in same-sex marriage and abortion....
What do you say to that?

Well, Fox (and others) were brave enough to tackle this head-on. It's not an argument that you can win, but it's good to see people not letting this kind of thing lie. If you're interested, here is as good a place as any to start.

This blog salutes you Fox.

Final word on this and other things this blog has been moaning about recently to Faithless:

Whether long range weapon or suicide bomber

Wicked mind is a weapon of mass destruction

Whether your soaraway Sun or BBC 1

Disinformation is a weapon of mass destruction

You could a Caucasian or a poor Asian

Racism is a weapon of mass destruction

Whether inflation or globalization

Fear is a weapon of mass destruction sounds better when Maxi Jazz says it (ideally with Sister Bliss kicking a bass drum in support - see the video for details)


On a completely different, and much more interesting note, here's something I've said before, but bears repeating as he is back and blogging again....

Before the start of the Beijing Games in 2008, John McClure is going to be taking part in every single Olympic event he qualifies for.

Why? For charity.
Clearly insane, he needs all the support he can get, so get your lazy arses over there and offer him some moral support. Better still, if you are a pole vault coach, offer him some tips. If he manages that lot (100-odd events) then he really will be the Ultimate Olympian.

Almost as important as all of the above is that he is a very thoughtful, funny and intelligent blogger and his site is well worth a read.

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