Sunday 23 January 2005

(pragmatism not idealism)

Just a very quick post to say that I decided to take the plunge.... and I am typing this on my beautiful new PowerBook from the comfort of my sofa*

* well, not technically from my sofa. Actually from right beside where my PC is as I try and work out how to transfer my ITunes files across to the mac. But that's only a temporary thing and I am wireless, albeit pointlessly so when I am sat about 30cm away from my cable modem. Still. The whole thing was an awful lot less painful than I had feared - router, airport, file sharing, the works.


[update I -> about 10 minutes later.... now I AM on my sofa. Watching Desperate Housewives, as it happens]

[update II -> about 2 hours later.... I've now got the Ipod working. Hurray!]

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