Tuesday 4 January 2005

We are standing on the edge....

Mike from one of my regular reads "All Right Here" was in Thailand over Christmas and has just put up his first-hand account of watching the Tsunami rolling in. Read it here.

As I've commented over on Mike's blog, when I was at home at New Year, I bumped into some neighbours of my Mum and Dad when I was walking the dog - a nice lady who had taught at my primary school and her husband. It turns out that her daughter had flown out to Thailand on Christmas Day. When news of the Tsunami broke, they had spent 48 hours with no news of her.... 48 hours.... I can hardly begin to imagine how awful that must be, as you try to find out what is going on and all the while watching the terrible pictures on TV and see the death toll rising. She was okay. She had been in the water when the wave hit, and had been washed away, but was unhurt and was able to find her friend, who had a head injury, but was alive.

Two separate stories about people I have never met, but that have somehow made the tragedy feel that little bit closer to home. These two have happy endings. Thousands of other similar stories did not.

Awful. It makes me shake just thinking about it.

I'm pleased you and Ella are okay Mike.

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