Friday 14 January 2005

What did I see? Can I believe?

You may or may not be aware that Elvis Presley is the proud holder of the current number 1 single in the British chart with 'Jailhouse Rock'. You may also be aware that the next record to make it to number 1 will be the 1000th to do so since the chart began.

whoo-hoo. Who cares?

If the standard of the vast majority of the last 999 are anything to go by, it will be shite. Since when was getting to number one the foolproof stamp of musical genius? Lest we forget, Mr. Blobby sold over a million records, 'Vienna' was kept off number one by "Shut Uppa Your Face", and the majestic 'Common People' was kept off the top spot by Wet Wet Wet and a very smug cover version that they had the cheek to strip off the original's redeeming kazoo solo.... (although, to be fair, it did fund a lot of research into crop circles)

Mind you, as I was sat watching 'Top of the Pops' this evening, I thought that by the standards of the British singles chart, this is a pretty good chart week:

U2 are at number 30 with 'Vertigo'. Interpol at number 18 with 'Evil'(check out the freaky video). Green Day are at number 9 with 'Boulevard of Broken Dreams". Kasabian are at 8 with "Cutt Off". Hell, even Iron Maiden are at number 3 with "The Number of the Beast" (huh?).

I can't bring myself to celebrate though.

Something terrible has happened, and I'm not talking about Morrissey (4 top 10 hits in 2004) dropping out of the top 40...

Oh no.

Today is the day the music died.

Busted have split up. For good. No. They mean it this time.

Still. I'm very much looking forward to Fightstar... the 'band that broke up Busted' (tm). They sound like they're going to be great, and I'm sure they'll be taken very seriously indeed by all the music press and will find new fans all of their own. Some will be able to come to gigs without their mum OR their dad. One thing though - perhaps they could have chosen the name a little more wisely; isn't 'Fightstar' a little close to Dogstar - that band with Keanu Reeves in it?

Mind you, now I think about it there are some similarities......not the shiniest pebbles on the beach, are they?


Maybe I'm just not down with the kids anymore.

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