Thursday 10 February 2005

A simple prop to occupy my time

What's your favourite lyric ever?

You've probably noticed this about me, but I've always been a lyrics man. A good tune can hook me in, but ultimately I derive the most satisfaction from the words. My favourite bands are all wordy bands: - The Smiths, Manic Street Preachers, Scott Walker, The Darkness.... (cough cough) Above everyone else, it has to be Morrissey though, I think.

I think my favourite of all time is:

"And in the darkened underpass

I thought Oh God, my chance has come at last

But then a strange fear gripped me

And I just couldn't ask"

I didn't get into The Smiths until long after they had broken up. When they performed "What Difference Does It Make" on Top of the Pops in 1982, I can clearly remember sitting in front of my TV watching. Do I remember them? No, of course not. All I can remember of the programme is Billy Joel performing "Uptown Girl", but certainly not the peculiar sight of a rather gauche man waving flowers around his head. By about 1987 I was at least aware they existed as a band, but by then my head was addled with heavy metal, and in my infinite wisdom, I lumped The Smiths in with The Cure as bands that I hated out of principle. Without listening to them.

I later did much the same thing to the Stone Roses.

Yeah. I know....

I finally discovered The Smiths properly in 1993 when I was a first year undergraduate. It was "Half a Person" that hooked me, and I finally made a connection with Morrissey (it's only recently that I have started to appreciate what Johnny Marr brought to the party).

I've been an acolyte ever since. Even through the barren years, I kept the faith ("Roy's Keen" anyone?). 2004 was a great year - You Are The Quarry was a blistering return to form and British music's most famous exile was back with a bang. I like The Streets, but that Brit Award belongs to Morrissey.

In 1993 I was nineteen. I didn't have a girlfriend. I had absolutely no idea how to go about getting myself a girlfriend. Who would have thought that Morrissey might appeal to me?

"There Is A Light That Never Goes Out" in particular spoke to me. All that longing. Knowing your moment had arrived, and also knowing that you would never do anything about it. I felt like I could relate to that. I think I still can.

What lyric speaks to you?

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