Friday 27 May 2005

And if we got to frisk you down, then that's the way we take 'em...

Earworms of the Week - Guest Editor #2 - The Urban Fox

Ladies and Gentlemen, I am proud, honoured and a little bit humbled to be able to present the soundtrack to the inner workings of the brain of one of my most favourite bloggers.... so without further ado, over to Fox.....

10 - The KLF - Justified and Ancient

I bought a friend a Bill Drummond book for his birthday and my mental archive retrieved this little specimen at the till. It then had a fine old time yelling "MUU MUU!" to itself for a few hours.

9 - Kylie - Shocked

For obvious reasons (i.e. recent media coverage of the lady's health). I was alarmed to find that I know every single word to the abysmal rap in the middle 8: "You and I are of the same mind, it seems to me that we're one of a kind..." Oh dear.

7 - Gillian Welch - Revelator

Ah, Sunday mornings. Blisssss. Surveys show that Gillian Welch is 87.4% more soothing than yoga. Try it yourself if you don't believe me. (I did of course make up the statistic, but still defend the FACT behind it.)

6 - Crazy Frog - Axel F

The musical equivalent of bird flu. And still, I can't help being slightly glad it's going to beat Coldplay to the number 1 slot on Sunday, if only to annoy the Real Music = Miserable White Men With Guitars brigade. Ha. [ST's note - you do know that this is my blog, right?]

5 - The Smiths - Sweet and Tender Hooligan

Speak of the devil. "ETCETERA, ETCETERA, ETCETERA, ETCETERA! In the midst of life we are in death, ETCETERA!" This gem invaded my brain as I walked past a branch of Books Etc. A terribly mundane and peculiarly British moment of inspiration, just the way Moz likes it. [ST's note - that's more like it!]

4 - The Police - Every Breath You Take

Dear god. Absolutely no idea why this slice of AOR horror stalked me on Wednesday. All I remember is wandering around humming it, before being punched into silence by a gang of hooded tune vigilantes. Justifiably.

3 - Gonzales - The Joy Of Thinking

This might look like a boring choice, because I have a quote from it at the bottom of my own blog, but it's honestly one of this week's worms. It was set off, predictably, by me noticing it on my own page. Note to self: change template.

2 - Dhola Re (from 'Devdas' film soundtrack)

This bloody song. Every single day in the shower, it springs from nowhere. I can't get rid of it. It's ace, I grant you, but even so. Perhaps it wouldn't be so irksome if my Hindi was good enough to remember more than about 5 words of the lyrics. "Re dhola, re dhola, re dhola, re dhola, um, la la la, la la la, thingy..."

1 - Public Enemy - Gett Off My Back

I don't watch a lot of TV, especially not the reality voyeurism sort. So it was with slack-jawed bewilderment that I noticed Flavor Flav - ! - on Channel 5's 'The Farm', while flicking channels. (The show became semi-notorious last year when it persuaded microcelebrity Rebecca Loos to masturbate a pig on camera. Insert your own Sun subeditor-style joke here.) You see, Public Enemy were one of the important bands of my teens. Flav was always a buffoon, admittedly, but still. It's like spotting your uncle kerbcrawling. I've had this Flav-led ditty in my head ever since, probably indicating deep psychological trauma.

+ uf +


thanks Fox!

I'm hoping for some cheesy pop and solid gold 80s classics next week. Yup, I'll be handing the keys over to Lord Bargain....

Right. That's me. I'm off to Oxford now to take part in the 50km Walk with the Ultimate Olympian... have a good bank holiday weekend y'all, and if it rains, I'll be wanting to know which of you cursed us all by getting your BBQ set up....

toodle pip.

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