Wednesday 25 May 2005

You push in that button, and that button comes alight

As I mentioned in the comments below, we won the pub quiz last night. I wish I could say that this was down to skill, but the pub has adopted a "Blockbusters" style format: you get given an answer sheet with a blockbusters style board on it, each box with a number on it instead of a letter... questions are then read out in a bingo stylee, and you write the answer down in the relevant box. To win a round, you have to form a line of correct answers across the board. This means that winning involves a large slice of luck, and the right numbered questions coming up so you can form a line across the board on the answer sheet. There were four rounds in total, and the jackpot (£50) was awarded to the winners of the fourth round, with the winners of the first three rounds getting next to nothing. We won the fourth round and walked off with the pot. The winning answer? The one that formed the line across our answer sheet?

What was the name of Rene's wife in "'allo 'allo" ?

Yes - it was that kind of quiz. The fact that we had also known which English poet had died fighting in the Greek War of Independence was irrelevant, as that answer was not in our line.

You think the fact that we won would mean that I could let this one go - but I'm afraid I can't:

There was a question that we got wrong. It made no difference to the outcome, but I'm annoyed because I just don't believe the answer, and wanted to ask you lot to see what you think.

Which of these two animals is able to survive the longest without water: the rat or the camel?

Let me know what you think and why.......

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