Friday 17 June 2005

I got my arms, I got my hands, I got my fingers, Got my legs…

Righto. This week's earworms come to us directly from the head of a legendary poseur and serial statue botherer.....

Ladies & Gentlemen....

Earworms of the week - Guest Editor #5 - Statue John from Stand By Your Statue

[oooh, that's an old photo!]

Huge thanks Mr SwissToni for the honour and prestige that comes with being the guest ear wormerer of the week.

Basically my head should have been stuffed full of U2 songs this week, ‘cos I am going to see them on Saturday, but I haven’t listened to any U2 yet. Oh well. Here is what has been polluting the statue ears instead on the bus trip to/from work each day this week…

10. Crazy Frog

Sadly, It’s still pretty difficult to make it through the week in this country without catching a snippet of the whining, irritating froggy git at the moment.

9. Forever Lost - The Magic Numbers

Bought the new album this week and have been enjoying it loads. Summery melodic music sung by big hairy brothers and sisters with added banjo. I’d imagine that they’ll go down a storm playing live at Glasto, but think they’re on at the same time as New Order, which is a bummer. I think this song may have been their first single – its certainly quite a catchy singalong number…

8. Venice Beach – The Egg

I do like The Egg. An Oxford band who rock live, they’re kind of a live dancey type proposition who actually play proper instruments. Gasp! There’s a bit of New Order in there, a bit of Roses, that sort of thing. Venice Beach is one of their slower songs and is pretty darn beautiful. It’s kind of a therapeutic thing sitting on a dank Oxford Bus in the morning listening to someone singing about Venice Beach. Expect to hear it on some sort of TV ad soon…

7. Jolene - Dolly Parton

Proudly stands at the top of my most played tracks on my Ipod, by some distance. Have to get my Jolene fix at least 3-4 times a week.

6. Only This Moment - Royksopp

New single from the quirky Norwegian electronic popsters. A little bit cheesier and more uptempo than the songs on their first album. Looking forward to seeing them as the sun sets on the Friday night at Glasto this year…

5. Drop It Like It's Hot - Snoop Dogg

I am hugely fortunate to live with a generous chap who managed to bag a couple of Live 8 tickets, and, looking at the potential bill and all the big superstars lined up, I have to say that I’m looking forward to seeing Snoop Dogg the most! Purely for the cheesy entertainment value really. Of course, this view will change very quickly if Status Quo are added to the bill.

4. One - Metallica

Was reading this article this week about sad songs, and this was the only one on the list I had. It rocks like fury.

3. Looking Glass - The Las

The Las by The Las is just a classic album innit! And I can listen to the whole thing on my bus trip into work in the morning. This song to me is the Las equivalent of “I am The Resurrection” or “Sweet Child Of Mine”. Expect to hear it near the end of their set at Glasto this year – the one must see band in the line-up that I shall endeavouring to get right down the front for. Genius. Can’t wait…

2. Jus 1 Kiss – Basement Jaxx

Following which I will be running off to see Basement Jaxx. This is my favourite track wot the Jaxx have done ever. Party music of the gods.

1. Ain’t Got No (I Got Life) - Nina Simone

Sadly downloaded on the strength of hearing this song on an advert for Mueller yoghurts, this has been rocking my boat the most this week. Nice song for the summer…


Cheers SJ....

Coincidentally (or actually not), I will also be spending my Saturday enjoying the widescreen sound of those stadium rock behemoths U2. After that we're on the downwards slope to Glastonbury. Hurray!

As I'll actually be at the festival this time next week, I'll pop up my Glastonbury Earworms just before I go on Wednesday.... the songs I'm most looking forward to hearing at the festival.

I can't wait.

And the forecast is pretty good (always important when about to spend 4 days in a tent).

Happy days.


Oh, and in case anyone's interested, you can have a look at a picture of me taken at the end of the swimming phase of last week's triathlon here & one taken during the cycle phase here

Yes, there may be lycra.

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