Tuesday 28 June 2005

Won’t be long til summer time is through

This is probably a bit self-indulgent of me, but I've had a long day at work, so I thought I'd pop up some more photos from the weekend to cheer myself up a bit.

This lake is just off to one side of the Pyramid Stage, and you pretty much needed to wade through it if you wanted to get out to the stage. It's around here that they had the canoe out, I think, although I didn't see it myself. Good to see that the burger vans still seem to be doing some decent trade, eh?

This was just below the field where we were camped, and you can see where the river ran out and down into the rest of the site. Some of those people are probably still looking for their tents.

Now that's a depressing sight - that's at least 4 foot deep, I think, and is about 10m away from the tipped up toilets. We had to wade across this lake to get down to the stages. At this point I was still wearing my walking boots and was eyeing up the distinctly unappetising prospect of wading though raw sewage. I needn't have worried. Lord Bargain waded across, and then took off his wellies and stood on a piece of plastic as C. ferried the wellies back across to me so that I could pop them on and wade across. Now that's friendship, and I salute you!

We had a gazebo pitched up with our tents, and it was really useful for standing under whilst we waited for the rain to stop on Friday morning. I don't think it would have offered us much protection against a lake though.

C. & Jamie ponder their view of the Other Stage on Saturday. You might not think it to look at this picture, but it is already considerably drier underfoot by now, although that mud is pretty sticky.

And then the sun came out..... The Pollstar and Statue John enjoy Brian Wilson on Sunday afternoon. That slightly forced grin the Pollstar has (on the left) is what happens to you when you spend two whole days tramping around in wellies 2 sizes too small for your feet.

Emma C gets down and boogies as Brian Wilson (rather bizarrely, it has to be said) plays "Little Saint Nick", and my decision to carry around a Santa hat for three days pays a joyous dividend.


A massive electrical storm has just started in Nottingham, and it's pouring with rain. Oddly, instead of being glad that I'm indoors and waiting for my pizza to cook, I'm a little bit nostalgic for my tent in Somerset......

Roll on 2007.

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