Tuesday 26 July 2005

And you don't taste like her and you never ever will

I don't have it very often, but sometimes....just sometimes..... nothing hits the spot quite like fish and chips. It's my last night before C. comes back from France, so I have decided to nip out to the chippie at the end of the road and have the works: Haddock. Chips. Curry sauce.

I'm quite particular about this.

I always have them wrapped up without having any salt or vinegar added whilst I am in the chippie (makes them soggy). Then when I get home, I have to completely remove all of the wrapping and decant my tea onto a plate. This process usually sends some chips flying about the kitchen, but I can't stand having all that greasy paper flapping about the place. I will then carefully lift the fish up and stick some sea salt and malt vinegar directly onto the chips. I then lower the fish and liberally sprinkle its top side. Not too much salt mind, but plenty of vinegar - usually enough for it to be washing around the bottom of my plate and for a gloriously acidic scent to waft off the steaming chips. Then, in a daring manoeuvre that leaves the purists gasping, I will pour my curry sauce all over the top. Proper lumpy chip shop curry sauce, mind, not the smooth chinese stuff.

Then I grab a fork and a nice big mug of builder's tea (just the way I like it - strong with just a dash of milk), and all that remains is to sit down and enjoy Britain's great contribution to world cuisine.


How do you eat yours?

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