Monday 18 July 2005

Mouth is alive with juices like wine

It is sometimes said that you should never go to the supermarket when you are hungry. The rationale behind this is that when you shop on an empty stomach, you are much more likely to toss things into your trolley that you would otherwise not buy, and you therefore spend more money. A nice bottle of beer (or two). Some wine (well, it's on offer). Some chorizo. Some olives from the deli counter. A nice bit of cheese. The food of the world is at your mercy as you steer your wonky-wheeled chariot down the aisles.

If you ask me, it's these impulse purchases that make the whole shop worthwhile. Whilst it may be technically possible to survive on things like carrots, bread, mince and potatoes, this kind of food doesn't exactly feed the soul.

Oh no.

It's the Nutty Bun Loaves of this world that keep me sane during the week - a cheeky little number fresh from the instore bakery that appears to be some kind of giant iced bun with chopped nuts on the top.


Nah. If you ask me, when you are hungry is the only time you should go to the supermarket.

Especially when it's someone else's turn to pay.....

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