Sunday 21 August 2005

busy, busy, busy scissors

Since I mentioned it the other day, you're all dying to know what I made of John Irving's latest book, aren't you? Well. I purchased it on Saturday and have spent the rest of the weekend shut away in my cave plouging through it's 800-something pages, oblivious to the decent weather, to the football, to C's visiting parents, to food, to drink.... and now it's done.

Only joking of course. I did buy it, but it is currently sitting next to the bed sort of looking at me funny. Instead of starting it, I chose to prioritise a few other tasks:
  • Reading "Batman: Hush" volumes 1 & 2
  • Reading "Round Ireland with a Fridge" by Tony Hawks. His style annoys me intensely, but it's mildly diverting and I've started so I'll finish
  • Having a curry with C's parents
  • Falling asleep in front of Match of the Day (new season, same old saturday evening routine)
  • buying hairpins (for the first and presumably only time in my life) and a pile of white cotton gloves to put the finishing touches to the fancy dress costumes we will be wearing at the Trent Bridge Test Match on Saturday
  • Picking up a new pair of glasses (and 24 hours later discovering the first scratch on the lenses.... grrr!)
  • Fixing the puncture on my bike & going out for a test ride
  • Watching "The Count Of Monte Cristo" on the telly, and marvelling at how it managed to squeeze a 600 page book into 90 minutes, and still apparently managed to find room for some "improvements" to the plot. Hmmmm.
John Irving will just have to wait, eh?

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