Wednesday 10 August 2005

change your ways while you're young

Sometimes it's the simple things in life that leave you with a smile on your face and a spring in your step. As I drove into work this morning, I decided that the Foo FIghters were perhaps not the best soundtrack for my mood, and I reached into my glovebox and pulled out the CD lying on the top of the pile. A couple of seconds later, 'Square One' began and I started to sing along as I pulled up at a set of traffic lights to turn left. The lights began to change, but as I started to move, I glanced to my right and saw that the driver of the car next to me had just glanced over at me. As our eyes met, she shot me a lovely warm, innocent smile. I didn't really have any time to respond, as by now I was moving off round the corner, but it's really lifted my mood.

I'm going to try smiling at people more often. I'm sure most of them will think I'm mental, but if it can brighten just one person's day in the way that this girl has brightened mine, then it has got to be worthwhile.

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