Monday 8 August 2005

Death sanitised through credit

I've long hated the National Westminster Bank's most recent advertising campaign: "There Is Another Way" - the one that bemoans the fact that banking seems to have been taken online, that you can't speak to anyone directly anymore, that bank buildings were being turned into wine bars... you know the kind of thing. It always struck me as being targeted at the worst kind of people.

Now I'm sure of it.

Their most recent advert makes reference to the fact that all their call centres are based in the UK. What are we to make of this? That they are creating jobs in this great country?


That's not it at all. What they are trying to say is that their call centres aren't based in India. That when you ring up you won't have to run the risk that will have to listen to an Indian voice that you might not understand (although in my opinion, no harder to interpret than brummie or scouse). Oh yes, bank with the NatWest and you'll deal exclusively with white people....

Turns out the Manics were right all along:

'Mein Kampf for beginners'

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