Wednesday 24 August 2005

how can I measure up to anyone now after such a love as this?

How much do you think you can really tell about someone from their blog? Do you think it is possible to get a real feeling for what someone is really like just by reading their posts?

I'm an introvert, which means that I generally derive my energy from within myself. I'm also analytical by nature, and I tend to keep my feelings more or less to myself. This means that when I get home from the evening, I am perfectly content to sit in near silence for hours, happily occupying myself with a book, the TV, my laptop...whatever. I like spending time with my girlfriend, and I find her presence very soothing, but I am happy for that time to be uninterrupted by conversation. I don't feel the need to make conversation to be comforted and relaxed in her company.

C. sometimes finds this difficult. She is an extrovert, in the sense that she derives her energy from other people; talking about her day to someone helps her to process that information. It must be very frustrating for her to be confronted with a partner who will obliviously spend hours without saying a word, apparently totally consumed in whatever task he is working on.

She reads this blog to find out what is going on in my head. I think she finds that a bit odd, but I do not. I see this blog as a place where I am able to externalise thoughts and emotions that I might not have had an outlet to express otherwise.

I don't think that I am the most confessional blogger in the world by any means. I worry a little bit that I don't talk about my feelings here as much as I might. I don't think I'm guarded by any means, but perhaps I am a bit reserved. Perhaps you deserve a bit more of me. I suppose it is inevitable that at least some element of my personality must come across here though. Apart from anything else, it would be bloody hard work trying to hide it all the time, wouldn't it?

I have to admit, I'm slightly curious to know what you think of me....

You have probably already seen it over at Lord Bargain's place, but I have just revealed to the world the not-altogether-surprising news that The Empire Strikes Back is my favourite ever film. This probably says something about me in itself...

In the comments to that post, RedOne reveals that (s)he always had to be R2D2 when they played "Star Wars" in the playground at school, and that the scars ran deep. Not the character I would have picked for Red, but a funny anecdote anyway and it got me thinking....

Lord B is an old friend of mine, and he's quite a confessional blogger, but have you ever wondered what he was really like? Behind the legend, what of the man?

Well. Let me put it this way: if he was a Star Wars character, he would be C3PO. Definitely. Without a shadow of a doubt. I mentioned this to him, and he reluctantly agreed with me (and revealed that he had actually won a prize at a fancy dress party as a child by going as C3P0). We then tried to work out which character I would be, but couldn't think of one that worked.

So - that's your challenge. What do you reckon? Based upon what you know about me, which character from Star Wars do you think I would be, and why? (don't worry if you're not a fan of the films, you don't have to restrict yourself to Star Wars if you've got a better idea. The whole IMDB is at your mercy)

There's a prize! The best suggestion (or at least the one that Lord B and I decides rings the truest) will receive a CD compiled by me.

There's a boobie prize! The worst suggestion will receive a CD compiled by Lord B.... (boom boom!)

Over to you then.

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