Tuesday 30 August 2005

if there was a problem yo I'll solve it

So. The public gets what the public wants.

I hereby declare the first "Auntie Swiss" session open for business.

You've probably noticed how I have an opinion for pretty much every occasion. This is quite a talent, I'm sure you'll agree, and I'd like to try and share some of that remarkable gift with you.

Here's the deal: you submit problems or issues for my consideration, and I give you the benefit of my wisdom in traditional agony aunt stylee. Should be pretty straightforward. I'll take on any problem of pretty much any size. Personal, local, national, international, global, intergalactic.... whatever.

If you're daft enough to ask, I'll give you an opinion on anything.

Auntie Swiss is listening.....

(**please note, as country_cat has so rightly pointed out, I'm a pompous, angst ridden clown, so I may not be in the best position to give anyone advice about anything..... this has never stopped me giving advice in the past, and it clearly shouldn't stop you asking for it now. Just don't come to me in the event that you foolishly decide to act on my ridiculous advice and it blows up in your sorry face. With that in mind, fire away!)

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