Tuesday 2 August 2005

in her frock coat and bipperty-bopperty hat...

I've cheered up considerably.

It's amazing how restorative the simple things can be. In this case, balance was found with a little help from:

Ah..... bisto.


I still can't think of my 5 favourite records of the last 10 years though, nevermind come up with a list of 5 that will go down as the "great" records of the same period. Every time I think of a song I really like (say "Common People" or "Sparky's Dream" to pick a couple nominated by Lord B and Damo respectively), I think of other songs by the same artist that I like more (in this case, "Underwear" and "Ain't That Enough").

Who came up with this stupid idea anyway?

I like "Hey Ya!" though, so I'm sticking that in my classics list. I'll mull on this whilst I'm stuck in the tube on Thursday


There have been lots of songs written that namecheck the days of the week. Some do it better than others, but this is my absolute favourite, bar none:

"Monday - humiliation
Tuesday - suffocation
Wednesday - condescension
Thursday - is pathetic
By Friday life has killed me
By Friday life has killed me."

Only Morrissey could play this game and manage to have killed himself before the end of the week! 'Friday I'm In Love' it is not. Old Mozzer really is a barrel of laughs, isn't he? Cheers me up everytime. Seriously.


and with that motley assortment of barely formed thoughts.... bed!

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