Friday 19 August 2005

Oh go and tell the king that the sky is falling in when it's not...

Over at Angry Chimp, Herge has been running an "Over to You Friday", where some of his readers have contributed some posts in the house style. It's very funny and you should go and check it out, not least because Lord Bargain has contributed a very funny "Dalek and Borg" sketch as well as a "Never Trust A Dalek"..... Somewhat inevitably, I myself have contributed a "Missing Scene From Star Wars".

As you know, I'm incredibly vain, so (with apologies to Herge) I'm going to double post my contribution over here.

Now get over to Herge's place to check out the others - very funny.

If you'll excuse me for a while, I have to disappear off to watch my favourite film as I have a deadline for submitting a post on it to Lord B. It's no great hardship though...

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