Friday 26 August 2005

well, I left home just a week before, and I'd never ever seen a jedi before...

Right then. The results are of the "What Film Character is ST" competition are now in from the Lord Bargain jury:


"I have to say that a lot of you have proved to be accurate in quite a lot of instances. Either that means you are all extremely perceptive or that ST does actually tell you more about himself than he thinks he does. I suspect it is a combination of the two. And forgive me as I am not familiar with some of the characters to which you refer.

"There are a couple here I am not sure about. I think Qui Gon Jinn is too boring and impassionate and I think Elrond is too mardy and weedy. Leon is an odd but interesting choice, I am not sure ST is as dispassionate as Leon, but clearly has a sensitive side not everyone gets to see. I am fairly sure he is ambivalent about potted plants, though.

"Luke Skywalker? Too hot-headed, irrational and, well, dull.

"Niobe - feisty, dynamic and athletic with a smart remark is a pretty good call. All I would say is that ST knows what is morally correct, but perhaps doesn’t have the same black and white view on how to deal with these. Westley from the Princess Bride also a pretty good call.

"I think the nearest in terms of character traits, and the person who was on my shortlist of two, was Yoda. Wise, thoughtful, articulate. Always says only what needs to be said without waffle or decoration. Quiet, and so sometimes difficult to know what he is thinking. Yet loyal, brave, reliable, mature and with a hint of mischief (think the Dagobah swamp scenes in Empire Strikes Back).

"If it were me, I think I’d have gone for a young Obi-Wan. Similar to Yoda in the sense he is wise and thoughtful with a strong sense of right and wrong and of morals. Obi-Wan though is a good friend, always loyal and prepared to impart information and advice in a way that simply shows he cares. He is also prepared to do irresponsible things (he indulges Anakin in some of his escapades but I think secretly enjoys it) and has a dry and sometimes vaguely sarcastic sense of humour.

"I don't remember Obi-Wan ever glazing over with a face of complete disinterest when someone was talking to him about something he didn’t care about, though."


So there you have it. I thought that Fox and Spin were particularly perceptive, but the winner is Tom, with "Yoda" - someone I couldn't resemble less physically if I tried, I think. Still. Strong in the force he is. Backwards talks, he does. CD send you I will, if email me your address you do

... if you want it, that is...

God, it's all "me, me, me" round here, isn't it?

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