Wednesday 5 October 2005

sat on their park bench like bookends

What you read says masses about who you are. What you read may also be different from the books you have on your bookcase.....

I have been somewhat inspired by Lord B's recent post of Ka's front room, and thought I might give you all a glimpse of what "Hello!" magazine might call "my lovely home". It's a fairly limited view, it's true, but hopefully it's an interesting one.

I've always loved books, and I have hundreds of them. I'm afraid to say that, although there are quite a few on display in these photos, I still have books stored at my mum and dad's house and in boxes in this house.... not to mention the library steps my grandad left me and which my mum is desperate for me to take off her hands (I just never seem to have room in the car...)

These ones are in the front room. Shelves courtesy of C's dad:

It's an uncensored view, I might add.... I haven't moved a single book, so you're going to see the Terry Pratchetts and Wisdens as well as the Shakespeares and Malorys.

These ones are in my 'cave'.

Mmmmm. Cricket stats.

and my personal favourite:

Not all the books are mine, of course. All the really good ones probably belong to C - certainly all the french ones.

Whilst I'm posting photos though, you might enjoy this one I took at my mum & dad's house a couple of weeks ago:


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