Thursday 6 October 2005

there's more to life than books you know, but not much more

Right then. Competition time.

I am going to run a "Guess Who the Bookshelf Belongs To" game over here in a few days time. So what I need you lot to do is to submit a photo of one of your bookshelves to me at the email address in my profile. I will then stick them all up, together with a list of people who have submitted, and your task is to match the bookcase to the blogger.

As blog readers, you're all essentially voyeurs anyway, so you should love this...... and I for one am very keen to have a look at the kind of things you have in your bookcases.

Sound like fun to you? What are you hanging around here for? Get snapping, people.

There might be a prize. Um. How does a SwissToni compilation CD and the honour of naming a post here sound to you?

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