Friday 16 December 2005

I tried my hardest just to forget everything

Hello. I'm in a bit of a rush this week, so I'll be brief.

This week's guest editor is the dandy highwayman himself, so let's just get on with it shall we?

Ladies and Gentleworms... without further ado, it is my great pleasure to present for your earworming pleasure.....

Dennis Moore.

(only kidding)

Earworms of the Week - Guest Editor #30 - Adamant from What's Wrong With....

I’ve read many people qualify their earworm selections to ST and I fully intend to caveat my own on the basis that a) I live in Texas, for goodness sake and b) I have a 13 year old daughter who monopolises most of the radios and TVs in the house/car.

1 – Kelly Clarkson – Because of You.

Apart from the fact I hear it at least three times a day, the line “I will not break – the way you did, you fell so hard” takes me right back to my wife’s daring adventures in unaided flight. The thing is, pop-pickers, right now in good ole Taxarse, the industrious KC has 4 different choones on the daily playlists, so I must be grateful only one of them is an earworm, I guess.

2 – Kanye West & Jamie Foxx – Gold Digger

“I aint saying she’s a Gold digger, but she aint messing with a financially challenged African-American Gentleman”


3 – Haysi Fantayzee – John Wayne is Big Leggy

For close on three years now, since I moved to Texas, this little blast from the past rears it head every time I see a John Wayne wannabe – usually carrying a gun on his hip and wearing a cowboy hat.

4 – Disneyland Paris – It’s a Small World…

This damn tune has been stuck in my head since 1991 when I was on a test run for the ride and it broke down, stranding us for 45 minutes with nothing to do but sing along.

All together now…”It’s a small world after all…”

5 – Nickelback – Photograph

A mere month after I managed to dig ‘Someday’ out of my lobe and Mr Kroeger wiggles right back in!

6 – Pretty Vegas – J.D. Fortune (INXS new lead singer)

Forgive me if you knew already, but INXS picked JD as their new lead singer in their televised search – “Rockstar INXS”

As part of a challenge, JD wrote “Pretty Vegas” rather quickly, in protest of the pop-pap the others were penning as a group. I must admit, while I thought he was being a bit of a Diva at the time, the song blew the others away.

7 – Keith Urban – You’ll think of me

“Take your cat and leave my sweater”. Every broken relationship I ever had ended with a line like that.

Why do girls always bring a cat, anyway?

8 – The Killers – Mr Brightside

For some reason, rather than “Coz I’m Mr Brightside” my earworm goes “Coz I’m Norman Whiteside”.

9 - Del Amitri – Spit in the Rain

Sorting through a box of old photos I came across a long since forgotten Love.

She smiled a lot but was a little bit…vacant. Hence the relevance of the lyric “You can grin but you can’t hide all the emptiness inside”

10 – Gwen Stefani – Luxurious

The Wayne’s World reference - “Cha-Ching” – goes alongside B.A.N.A.N.A.S. as pure lyrical genius.

Oh yes, she will be mine.

Thanks ST -



Thanks mr. ant. Nickelback? Nice.

Next week's Guest Editor is going to me. So not much of a guest, but it's been a while since I had a go at this, and it is Christmas after all.


Oh, and get voting on the Earworms of the year please. Email me.

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