Thursday 5 January 2006

oh go and tell the king that the sky is falling in when it's not (maybe not)

So. I leave work at about 17:15 to get to football. Late, late, late. Stop to put contact lenses in and then run to car and drive to the 5-a-side centre. Surprise surprise, no one else has paid for the pitch, so I hand over my card, have a quick chat with Darren behind the counter and then run off to get changed. Play game. Score good goal past Lord B off my shin on the volley, but otherwise get soundly beaten (God bless the "next goal wins" rule though, eh?). Shower. Change. Go to car. Stop on the way home to buy handwash for the bathroom. Lord B is following. The plan is to drop off my car and then head back into town with Bargs to go a leaving do (Rufus-Fan is taking a year off and today was her last day in the office... hurray!) Park car. Open boot and reach in for bag. Pick up football bag. Where the hell is my shoulder bag? It's not in the damn car. Did I leave it at work somewhere? It's possible I could have left it in the toilets when I put my contact lenses in. I don't remember carrying it out to the car. There's no one there and no bag. It's not at my desk. It's not in the toilets. It could be in Lost Property, but reception is shut. Shit. It looks like I've got to spend the whole night worrying about this. Maybe I had better check at the 5-a-side centre. I ring them up. Anyone handed in a blue shoulder bag? No, but we have had a number of cars broken into today. Uh oh. Wait a minute. The boot was shut. The lock wasn't forced. Perhaps when I shut the boot it bounced and wasn't shut properly? No. Surely not. Oh. They've drilled through the lock on my passenger side door. Bollocks.


So. I've been robbed.

On the down side, this means that my bag has gone. This contained my work laptop (and all the data that was on my laptop and nowhere else), my iPod (my baby!), the Mont Blanc pen that C. gave me when she was working in Amsterdam, my glasses and contact lense stuff, my memory key, a pile of work stuff and the bag itself. On the plus side, they didn't take the nice leather jacket that was sat with the bag and they left all the CDs and bit and bobs that were in the car....

And you know, at the end of the day it's just stuff.

I'm trying to be philosophical. Yes, it will be a massive pain getting my car fixed up. Yes, I will be inconvenienced at work for a few days. But that's about it really, isn't it? Have I lost anything that really matters? Really?

I suppose I don't have to worry about the scratches on those glasses anymore, eh?


**onehandclapping *onehandclapping *onehandclapping *onehandclapping**

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