Monday 13 February 2006

Viens petite fille dans mon comic strip, viens faire des bulles

As is traditional, I brought back a few bags of French sweets from my holiday for the ungrateful gannets at work. One of these bags contained some relatively tasty chews called "Carambar Fruits". On the wrapper, these boldly advertise "Blagues Tordantes!", and sure enough, there's a joke written on the back of each one.

This one was my favourite:

3 Bonnes Raisons.... de péter dans son bain:

1) Ça fait des bulles et tu peux t'amuser à les compter

2) Ça fera des vagues pour ton canard en plastique

3) Tu remonteras la température sans utiliser le robinet

... but then I've always liked potty humour.


As I've got a fantastic candidate lined up for tomorrow's "Blog of the Week", I thought I'd tie up a loose end and announce the winner of last week's "Blog of the Week" now.

I know you're all on tenterhooks.

Well. The dancing badgers have it.

The winner is Skinny Legs And All, who now has about twenty-four hours to revel in his crown. Well done all (and I'm filing forksplit away for future reference).

Thanks for your nominations and for your votes. It's actually quite difficult to go and find one decent blog a week worth pulling out, so I really appreciate your help. If you see anyone else worth looking at in your travels, do be sure to point them out to me....


I idly asked C. this morning when we were going to go and see "Little Britain". Rather ludicrously we booked the tickets about 14 months ago, so I thought it must be coming up sooner rather than later.

C. couldn't remember, so she checked the tickets when we got home.

Still. At least I now know what we're doing for Valentine's Day, eh?


I'm going to send the fridge pictures over to Yoko for her analysis in the next few days... so if you were planning on submitting a picture, this is probably your last chance.

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