Monday 27 March 2006

I've got the time tick-tick-ticking in my head

Today was going to be a productive day.

International jet-setter that she is, C. had to get up at something like 04:30 to get off to the airport for a business trip to Switzerland. She was as quiet as a mouse, but inevitably I still woke up. I managed to get back off to sleep, but leapt out of bed before my alarm went off to go for a run. It's not easy going out into the drizzle for a 35 minute amble around the Embankment, but it feels great to have done it and you get to start your day in a warm glow of self-satisfaction.

I don't like to think much about work when I am at home, but I've got a bit of a logjam on at the moment, so I had spent some time over the weekend just working out in my head what I needed to get done. Naturally, I didn't get any of it done. My day happened instead: going to meetings, setting up meetings, impromptu meetings at my desk, meetings on the phone.... to cut a long story short, I found myself sat at my desk at 19:30 about to start work on the thing that I had opened up the moment I arrived at my desk this morning. My run this morning meant that I was under no kind of (self-imposed) obligation to go to the gym or anything and C's trip meant that I would only be going back to an empty house, so I was sort of planning to just sit there in the quiet and get some work done.... but I decided to come home instead.

In the end, I decided that life's just too short to spend any more time in the office than I already do. The work will still be there tomorrow, and I could certainly do something more relaxing with the rest of the evening.

It's only just gone 20:15 now, so there's still some time to make something out of my day - even if that something is only to read a book.... I've certainly got the time to do something productive for myself, anyway.


At 2am on Sunday morning, the clocks here went forward by an hour to move us onto British Summer Time (BST). It never fails to amaze me how many people feel the need to remark on how much lighter the evenings suddenly are. Of course they are, you clowns.... we've changed the bloody clocks! These are, of course, the very same people who remark once the clocks have gone back an hour in September how the nights are suddenly drawing in.


Actually, the change in the clocks will have meant that 04:30 this morning will have felt like 03:30.... ouch..... that's the glamorous world of international business travel for you.

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