Thursday 23 March 2006

Stay forever and ever and ever and ever....

The Art of Noise's A-Z of music has now reached "O".... and I've done "ohrwurm":

"It’s a German word that literally translates into English as “earworm”, and refers to a song or tune that becomes lodged in one’s head. According to scientists, an earworm is a tune that creates a cognitive itch in the brain that can only be scratched through repetition. Professor James Kellaris of the University of Cincinnati College of Business Administration (and, I kid you not, an earworm researcher) reckons that between 97-99% of the population are susceptible to earworms, that women are more susceptible than men, and that musicians are more susceptible than non-musicians."

Read more about Ohrwurms, 'Obsessive' by Sidi Bou Said, occupational hazards, 'Ohio River Boat Song' by Will Oldham, omnipresent, 'Once More With Feeling', 'Ooberman', Beth Orton & Otis Lee Crenshaw here...

(there's also talk of an A-Z party at the West Bridgford branch of the Co-op (the big one, not the little one by Trent Bridge).... we bloggers sure know how to have a good time!)

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