Saturday 11 March 2006

this monkey's gone to heaven...

AngrySeaHorse (a.k.a. Adem and Phil) have been busy beavering away on a design for my header. I am turning out to be an incredibly fussy customer, but they've come up with a couple of designs that I quite like, and I was wondering what you thought:

Design 1:

This one's quite clean, and I love the monkey motif. It fits pretty well with my current template too. I'd probably only have the "Ou est le singe?" bit of the tag-line (the logo supplying the punchline), but otherwise it's good.

Design 2:

This one's a bit more mysterious. The monkey is an almost threatening figure clinging to the side of the tree. I like it.


I think I'd happily use either one of these, but I'm kind of curious to know what you guys think. Which do you prefer and why? Which one do you reckon I should use?


ok - done. Let's try this one on for size for a while and see how we go. Thanks to AngrySeaHorse -- it's a definite improvement.

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