Tuesday 11 April 2006

but what do I know? what do I know?

Blog of the Week #12 - Some Guy On A Journey

"He had such a love of music. Always quoting lyrics along with little pieces of his life. He went through a very misguided spell, which ultimately resulted in him suffering the intense pain of heartbreak for a second time. He always claimed he didn't understand the opposite sex. Found to be a major frustration to his parents and close friends because of his mood swings. He found it difficult to open up to people which in turn vented more frustration for all parties concerned. Never being satisfied in any role of work he did, apart from the time he was manager of a music shop. He always aimed to work for himself in some way, shape or form. He frustrated the fuck out of us, but we loved him for the guy he was. Because deep down, he was one of the good guys. We'll miss him."

He's about 6 feet tall. He likes every genre of music except "that scatty, jazzy music that is generally instrumental and sounds like the lead player is having some kind of orgasm while they're playing". His favourite number is 4. He has 2 tattoos (but is designing his 3rd) , a pierced navel and used to have a pierced nipple. He drinks cheap white wine. He trims his pubic hair. He has a plant called Leon. He's rather afraid that Leon is on his last legs. One day he will meet someone who is incredible and will blow him away. Oh yes, and he uses song lyrics as his post headers.

Isn't blogging brilliant that you can learn all of these things about someone almost immediately. I know more about bedshaped (always lower case) in some ways than I know about some of my oldest friends. This intimacy can be deceptive, of course it can, but it is undoubtedly alluring. The fact that people are prepared to give freely of themselves is one of the things that most attracts me to blogging, to blogs and to bloggers.

I think it was a comment that drew me here initially, but I was soon sucked in by the writing and by obvious love of music (demonstrated in many ways, but most obviously by the MP3s linked off the top right hand side of the page and regularly changed).

He's a complex guy, sure. He has some issues. But don't we all?

Well worth a read. Blog of the Week.

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