Monday 10 April 2006

what a waste! what a waste! but I don't mind...

I feel like I have almost completely wasted my Sunday.

Sure, I got up (relatively) early, bought a baguette, a newspaper and then went out on a run... but after that I've done the the sum total of bugger all. I turned the TV on, fired up "Football Manager" on the laptop. And that was it.


I've (sort of) watched Manchester Utd vs Arsenal, Wasps vs Llanelli, 24 and the US Masters golf and I've sort of read the paper, but basically I have done nothing.

Well, I say nothing... but Wolves manager Swiss Toni has just led his team into the promised land of the Premiership, Swiss Antonio has taken Swansea - gloriously spearheaded by an ageing Georgi Kinkladze - up into Division 1 and Roma manager Swiss Antonio 2 has hauled his team from mid-table in Serie A (where his namesake left them) to finish runners up.

Oh, and I made some soup.

And now it's after midnight.


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