Sunday 18 June 2006

My heart will be blessed with the sound of music...

Twenty-seven people are in for the Shuffleathon so far.... and there's still just about time to add a few more if there are any stragglers.

I'll be doing the draw on Saturday this week, but remember that the idea is that you should try and get your CD made before you know who you have got. You should look into your heart and into your soul and pluck out the 12 tracks that you feel the most passionate about, the songs that you identify with the most. Your CD could be made up of tracks by 12 different artists, or it could be entirely composed by a single artist (.... which means that some poor sod will be getting "Hopes & Fears" then....) It's up to you, although I think mine will be all different artists.

Once I have made the draw, I will email each of you with the address where you should send your CD ---- so if bedshaped, Flash, Mark, Graham & Alecya could send me their addresses, that would be grand (if I had them before, I'm afraid I've lost them!).

Then you send out the CD and sit back and wait for the review to come in.

Should be fun.....

*shuffleathon orginally devised by the delightful Yoko. God love her.

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