Thursday 17 August 2006

which one holds the other, which one holds the string?

According to the Deputy Prime Minister of Britain, George Bush is "crap".

Who knew? John Prescott: idiot savant, and not just 'idiot' as had widely been assumed.

Still: monkeys, typewriters.....

Tony Blair should go on holiday more often.


Hats off to John Sentamu, the archbishop of York. Whilst the British Prime Minster suns himself on a Bajan beach, the second most senior cleric in Britain has cancelled his holiday so that he can sit in a tent inside York Minster for the next seven days on a liquids only diet to highlight the plight of the people suffering in the conflict in the Middle East.

Dr Sentamu said: "This act is a rallying call to people of all faiths and none, to encourage them to feel that there is something that can be done. The UN has a role, diplomacy has a role and our government has a role to play in bringing this conflict to an end. But we as people also have a role to play in showing our common humanity with all those who are suffering."

Common humanity, eh? Isn't that something that politicans have removed when they take up office? I'm not a religious man by any means, and I'm not sure that this protest amounts to much in the grand scheme of things, but at a time when our most senior politicans are rolling over to have their tummies tickled by the US, it's nice to see someone --- anyone --- standing up to be counted.

Thank the Lord that Christianity had nothing to do with creating the mess in the Middle East, eh?


  1. That's a sharp point sharply made at the end there, ST. But credit to Dr Sentamu - someone taking a stand, and he's at least got some media coverage (including this evening's 'Newsnight').

    Until recently he was in Birmingham, where he was very highly thought of for his work in promoting harmony and understanding between people of different faiths - obviously crucial in a city which had race riots last October. Good to see him keeping up the good work even in a more high profile position.

  2. Come now, SchweizToni, the monkey/typewriter scenario has long since been disproved by the internet. We already have an infinite number of monkeys randomly typing and we still do not have another works of shakespere.

    I prefer the theory that "it takes one to know one" which would explain Mr Prescott's unusual insight.

    Repsect to Dr Sentamu. He should have been a Taoist.

    Incidentally, I know you like all things office crap so check out this comic strip: