Thursday 12 October 2006

it's more than a feeling...

It hadn't even gone six when I left work this evening, but already it was starting to get dark. The nights are closing in and it looks like winter is nearly here. One of the things that I love most about the summer is that I am able to put my trainers and sunglasses on and head out for a run when I get back in from the office. In winter, assuming I can summon up the motivation to drag myself out of the house and into the dark, I have to forget about my sunglasses and concentrate instead on wrapping up good and warm and putting my high visibility vest on.

It was the realisation that the seasons are changing fast that persuaded me to get out for a run this evening. For the first time since early spring, I had to dig out that reflective vest, but I was determined to get out there whilst I still could. I'm really glad that I went.

The last of the remaining light was dwindling, but I felt relatively good and so decided to add the last loop of the Embankment onto my run. It adds another three-quarters of a mile onto my usual route, but I was feeling strong - which doesn't happen very often any more - and I wanted to make the most of it and push on. It was almost completely dark as I looped over Trent Bridge and began to head back along the river for home, but the residual light was now reflecting off the river, making it glow silver in the gloom. I was just thinking how gorgeous this looked, when I suddenly realised that I felt physically really, really good. Oh sure, I had a stitch, I was panting for breath and my thigh muscles were burning from the previous 4 miles or so... but I couldn't feel any tingling in my hands or any weakness across my shoulders. Just as I made this realisation, "More Than A Feeling" by Boston came up on my iPod and made the moment perfect.

Whisper it quietly, but I do believe that I am starting to feel slightly better. The symptoms are still there, and it may prove to only be a temporary upswing, but it's a start. Long may it continue.


  1. Cool. Good to hear you are feeling good.

  2. Easily the best news I heard all day. That's great.

  3. ... Smells Liek Teen Spirit to me.

  4. hope it keeps up, my friend.

  5. Fabulous! Reading this post was a nice way to my day. Very happy for you.

  6. Woohoo... That is big heap good.

    You ran all the way to Embankment and back? That's about 200 miles each way, isn't it? Good work, treacle.