Monday 30 October 2006

you put your left arm in....

I find myself haunted by a remark that great sage Billy Bragg made in a magazine I was reading at the weekend:

What if all the prophets and philosophers are wrong?

What if the Okey-Cokey **IS** what it's all about?



  1. In out, in out,
    You shake it all about

    It's all about sex innit?

  2. *stares*

    *makes mental note never to have sex with Adem*

  3. Okey-cokey? Here in the states, it's hokey-pokey...which actually supports adem's hypothesis.

  4. Okey-Cokey? Not the Hokey- Pokey? My world is totally rocked. Hello reality, anyone home?

  5. now, lets examine the sexual referance to the Hokey Pokey or Okey Cokey...

    It starts out putting a small thing in, such as a hand. It increases to feet, legs, head, until eventually, you put your "whole self" in.

    now, the thought of fitting my "whole self" in frightens me. This is just speaking as a 5'11" 260lb man. That isn't natural.

    I'm going to pretend its talking about getting in a pool or something, and leave it at that.

  6. What I think is more astounding is that fact that this is seemingly the first time ST has contemplated this question, given that I see it on bumper stickers all the time.

  7. yes, yes... but what's the answer??


  8. Woop-woop!
    That's the sound of da police!

    Where I live, the Stokey Cokey (AKA Cokey Stokey) is a large local cop shop, so called because of its officers' notorious dealings in a certain substance.

  9. Nah. If the Okey-Cokey was what it's all about, the basis of half the world's conflicts would hinge on the contentious issue of the direction in which the faithful should turn around, at what speed and for how long. And right-footers would be pariahs.