Sunday 12 November 2006

even if nobody else sings along....

44,154. And a run. And a game of golf. And some shopping. And some friends round for dinner.

Yay for me.

On one level, the end is very much in sight now. On every other level, the end seems miles away. Every time I write, I seem to get stuck in the trivial details of ordinary life. Interesting in its own right, I suppose, but it doesn't do much to drive the plot forwards.

In other words, my word count is rising fast, but my story is going nowhere.

Oh well. At least it will be over soon. Then perhaps I'll be able to find something else to talk about.


Actually, in spite of how I sound about this, I have been very glad to be taking part. I think that this kind of forced creativity has done me some good. I've been moaning about how I should write more since I finished my last Nano novel. It's a fair bet that if I wasn't taking part this year, I wouldn't have written a damn word. If there are 1,000 words out of the 50,000 that are worth keeping, then I think the whole thing has been worth it.

What I don't really understand is why Brian is so intent on getting this thing done as quickly as possible. I think I'll probably be finished sometime on Monday, and then I will watch with a touch of envy as everyone else churns through their word counts for the end of the month.

I'll definitely miss it when I've finished though.


  1. my word count is impotent next to yours.

  2. And here I was, rejoicing because I had just cracked 5,000. I'm so far behind!

  3. You know, ST, if you're really sad that it's almost over you could challenge yourself to write a second novel by the end of the month...

  4. What are the rules of NaNoWriMo? Are you aloud to go significantly over the 50k if you want? What about editing, can you go back and hone it into something of beauty? As long as it's done within the month of course

  5. In the words of my favourite discredited pop icon: don't stop 'til you get enough.

    50,000 isn't a novel anyway. 100,000 is more like it. Come on, show us whatcha made of.