Monday 1 January 2007

I was just a child when my innocence was lost...

So that's it then - 2006 is done.

I have to confess that I'm not too sorry to see the back of it. It was a funny old year, wasn't it? Apart from anything else, I feel as though a part of my immortal soul has been irrevocably damaged by that unsuspecting glimpse of Britney Spears' growler.

O Lord.... why hast thou forsaken us? What on earth did we do to deserve that?

Of all the things that have happened in the last twelve months, why is that the image that I take with me into the New Year?

Happy New Year to one and to all.... may your 2007 be filled with happiness and bring you everything you could possibly hope for.


  1. Well, I had a pretty good year myself (possibly aided by the fact I didn't see the image you speak of. Thankfully) - I approach 2007 with no shortage of trepidation.

    Happy New year Mr and (nearly) Mrs Swiss. Peace and good wishes to yourselves.

  2. Happy New Year ST

  3. I too am damaged in a way I never imagined possible. If you should happen upon anything similar during 2007, please keep such images to yourself.
    Many thanks!


  4. Happy New Year

  5. It looks better than Lindsey Lohan's growler, if that's any consolation at all?

    I think it's an interesting minge, frankly. Heigh-ho.

  6. I have no wish to see Britney's pant region either, but "growler" is a particularly unpleasant term...

    Happy 2007, chum - may it be full of good stuff.

  7. Let's just hope that the idea of walking around flashing your mimsy doesn't catch on...

    I had enough trouble coming to terms with the visible g-string vomomenon.

    Happy NY.

  8. I don't follow celeb-related stuff at all, so I seem to have missed the moment. I am vaguely aware that Britney is not part of northern France, but that's about as far as my interest goes.

    But I agree with Cat that growler is a particularly unpleasant term. Actually, I think the tradition of regarding women's genitals as the most horrific sight conceivable is also pretty unpleasant.

    It's possible that if I mutter anything about the objectification and denigration of women, someone will be along in a minute with a stack of hilarious anonymous blognames to tell me it's political correctness gone mad or I just don't understand the spirit of the new year or something.

    Oh well. I've had worse.

    Swissie, your blog is a mine of contention and controversy these days. You know, I'd hate to completely miss out...

    and I'm hoping you still don't mind the odd more critical comment from those whose take on things can be a bit different. It's not like I've mentioned Coldplay or anything. ;-)

    And I do hope you have a very happy new year, of course.

    *raises clenched fist in salute*

  9. red - I was actually thinking of linking to a definition of the word "growler" in case anyone missed what i meant... and was a touch upset to see what it was derived from. Not enough to not use the word, but still... it's a point well made by Cat and by your good self.

    and you're always welcome around these parts, whatever anyone else might have to say about it. I hope you know that. It'd be a lot poorer around here without your (and certain other people's) comments. Vive la difference, I say!


  10. Growler???

    *actually pissing my pants here*

  11. For some -not myself I hasten to add, I haven't see it- that image was the highlight of the year, it was after all the most searched for thing on Google...

    Happy new year